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by - February 04, 2022


The age of 21, 22 and 23 is weird. 

  • Some of us are still arguing with teachers for petty marks. 
  • Some of us are sitting for life changing interviews. 
  • Some of us just want to make moments with friends. 
  • And some of us are starving for the bare minimum. 
  • There are people among us who are content with sleep and study. 
  • Then there are people who enjoy the hustle. 
  • There are few who are shouldered with responslbilities. Well, all of us are.
  •  Some of us just shrug it over for later to enjoy the present.
  •  Some of us sacrifice the present for the future. 
  • Many of us leave for other cities. Some, for other countries. Some just stay where they are and miss the ones that left. 
  • Some push away friends and love. Some get pushed away. Others get tied for lifetime.
  •  Some run after money. Some wait for love. Some just want to have a life. 
  • Many are free to party. Some don’t get to sleep.
  •  Some long for a hand to hold. Some just need space. 
  • Some are sorted in all terms. Some are just figuring life. 
  • Many get loved. Few struggle to love themselves. 
  • Everyone is moving forward. Some are moving ahead.    
This is the beauty of individuality, you don’t compare and make your own life.

Written by : Abhijit

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