Reading books as a hobby

by - June 22, 2022

Till few years back when someone would ask me about my hobby,I would usually go blank.I never had any serious hobby or something I was very interested in. It was not something that would bother me but at times I did felt that I was missing on something. But this was about few years back,now I have developed one hobby for myself. Hobby I am proud of, hobby which makes me happy,hobby that made me a better person and hobby which completes me.

Now when someone asks me how can they develop reading as a hobby or start reading more books,I only say one thing that hobby is something that comes naturally to you specially if we talk about one serious hobby,we cannot select that neither can we decide when to develop it. Some people are able identify that in early age and some people like me identify it late in their life but I strongly believe that everyone do identify them. So if I have to recall how I got introduced to books and how I developed reading into a hobby,here is how I will do it(it was a natural to me ).

How I got introduced to books/novels:

I was not a studious student in school,I scored good marks only because of good teachers and the competition within the class.I would never open any of my syllabus books post studying hours and was never be excited about new books like other students do specially during new academic year so there was no point of me developing habit of reading at early age. Neither anyone in my house ever read any novel or books outside of their business interest or syllabus. i did read few story books like secret seven and Gulliver travel in later years of school because they were part of syllabus but never willingly read any till the time I was in 11th class when my ex girlfriend gave me "50 shades of grey", what a great book to start with😂. I honestly liked it but then that book was too much for a School boy who would get excited to a extend that he has to close that book after every 2-3 pages. Thank God she took that book back in a week time and never asked me to read any other book. 

In college I heard a name of  newly published popular book "Half girlfriend", intrigued by the name itself I decided to read a pdf of that book on my 5cm display phone. I half read the "half girlfriend" and then after,I never read or even tried to read a book on my phone. 

My third and a more serious meeting with novels took place in second year of my graduation.I met a girl who was studious and used to talk about life, fictions, perceptions and ofcourse universe. For some reason I was attracted to that girl and wanted to know her more but it was difficult,the things she used to like talking about were all strangers to me but I was also not a guy who will give up. I was really into that girl and wanted to spend more time with her so I decided to learn about things which she was interested in. I told her that I wanted to read a book and if she could suggest a book for me to start with, honestly I had no interest in reading a book,I just wanted more time of conversation. I knew if I am able to read the book she suggested then I will also get the opportunity to discuss it with her and then I might start getting more opportunities to know her. She suggested me the book "The alchemist". I bought that book and for first time read a whole book,read every paragraph twice so that I can absorb all the learning to discuss them in depth with her. I learned about Universe,omen and faith in that book and till this point it is one of my favourite books and Paulo Coelho is my favourite writer. I started believing in Universal power and built a strong faith after that. I was astonished to see how much a book can offer you,how reading 100-200 page book can turn your life upside down.Reading alchemist was a special experience and it will always be a special book for me.

 Universe planned this meeting of me and books 😁

After reading that book,  I was looking forward to discussing it with her. It wasn't like I didn't use to talk to her about anything else before that but yes,I still remember that chat on second floor of my college building and how my objective shifted from having a conversation with her to learning about universe and faith from her. For me at that moment,she was my teacher and I was her student. I wish the book was of 500 pages so I could get even more time with her,I still have memory of that 5year old memory so it certainly was very special. 

After alchemist I picked up my second book then third book then fourth and so on. I used to read each book and then discuss the learnings with her but now the motive was also to learn along with good conversations obviously and in this process I  developed my first and I think the only serious hobby till that.

Now I have read quite a many books, now I read them to learn from them, to find my escape in them,to review them, to find practical method from them and to overcome difficult situations of life. I never thought one hobby can makes such a big difference.

What reading books means to me? 

I am not a disciplined reader instead I am kind of reader who will pick a 500 page fiction and will read it in 2 days and then won't pick my next for another 2 months or will pick a 150 page fiction and will never finish it instead will pick separate book next day. Why I do this or what kind of books I specifically do this is with is still something I need to conclude on. Maybe I can just call myself a moody reader.

Not sure about my reading pattern but something I am very sure about is that what reading means to me. 

  • Process: Reading is a process which I love for the fact that it takes me to different fictional world while teaching me things which help me make my life better in this real world. 

  • Perception: Reading has helped me learn about different perspective to look at the same thing or situation which again made me a more accepting person in real who listens to others perceptive and respects them no matter how different they are from mine. I was completely an opposite person before I built this habby.

  • Escape: At times,novels also act as an escape for me, when I am irritated by something in real world. I would just pick a fiction and will forget about all my problems for a while, atleast till the time I am in better mental state to tackle the situation in real world.

  • Believe: This might sound weird, but I beleive in Universe,Magic,Human faith,ikigai, multiverse,love and n number of things because of reading about them in books.They have helped me in a way which is tough to describe in words. Reading has made my own believes stronger while respecting others perceptive. 

  • Practical methods: Some non fictions like 5am club,atomic habits, compound effects,the power of subconscious mind,the power of positive thinking, you can do it etc have provided me with practical methods which I have used and will use in future to make my life better and bring back in control whenever I need it. This is the reason I always recommend people to read non fictions too along with fictions so they can find practical solutions to their problems. 

What kind of books I read and which are my favourite books: 

You know so far that I am a Moody reader,I read both fictions and non fictions. I will usually pick my new read based on synopsis,book cover,book title,writer or popularity and I am sure I have picked atleast 2 books because of each of the above stated reason. 

My collection is also a mix where you will find very different kind of books which confuses me more about what I actually like reading. 😂 

But keeping my moods aside if I have to select one genre it would be " fictional self help" . I don't know if it is even a category or not, but I have liking for books which are fictional by nature but end up teaching you things about life. Some of my favourite examples are : The forty rules of love,The Humans , The alchemist and The act of faith. 

Some of My favourites books are: 

  • Deception Point 
  • Gone Girl
  • The sun is also a star
  • The girl on a train 
  • Adultery 
  • Eleven Minutes
  • Winners stand alone
  • One Indian girl
Non Fiction: 
  • 5am club
  • Compound effects
  • Think like a monk
  • The Dhoni touch
  • The power of subconscious mind/positive thinking 
  • You can win
  • Noise 
  • The outliers
Fictional self help: 
  • Alchemist
  • The forty rules of love
  • The act of faith
  • The humans
  • What I think when I think of walking (memoir)
  • Milk and Honey 
  • The little book of life (Rumi's)
  • The prophet
  • The essentials
Favourite writer: I love Rumi, although it would be unfair to call him a poet but if I can, he will be my favourite writer/poet. Other than him I like what Paulo Coelho writes,the way he mixes fiction with non fictions.

Future of my reading habit: 

I really want to continue pursuing this hobby of mine for a life time.Since I love books and like interacting about them,at some point of time I would like to own a book cafe or a library at later stages of life. Also, I consider these books as my legacy which I will tranfer to my kids 😁😁. 

That was all about me and my only hobby:Reading. 

Till next time 


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  1. Thanks for the list, definitely going to try some fictions from the list


  2. Hey, I am not fond of reading at all but I really enjoy reading your work. It's like so refreshing, so comforting for the soul, that it made me comment for the 1st time for someone. This article seriously prompted me to think about giving reading a chance. Keep up the good work!! And Thanks for writing 😊.

    See yaa until next time

  3. Reading your articles is more interesting than reading a novel for a non reader like me hehe... waiting for more!

  4. I was searching for read related to building a habit. This is the most honest one I got. I too believed hobbies come naturally to a person


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