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by - January 04, 2022

Know us | The Book Audit

We wanted to have a blog for a long time from now, after all who doesn't like a platform where you can express yourself to the fullest. Social media was one option but then we wanted to have something  more personal so decided to create a website, our virtual personal space(you are welcome to our space, so are we friends now??)

On this website we will write book reviews, articles about our experiences, opinions and generic life advice that we've found helpful over the years, as well as sharing about our favourite products, channels, people and places (places are the most important ❤️) .

The Book Audit | About Us

Why name it "The Book Audit"? | The Book Audit

While we wanted to talk about lot of things on our website yet were not very sure what will be the basic theme or topic we will be blogging most about after all our thoughts are like big ocean and website can just be of few words so how to summarise that sea in two three words? 

After lot of brainstorming we realised that we actually wanted to pursue our career seriously, we are auditors, but there was a point missing in between all those financial statements and company accounts, so we decided that we need to add life to our audit career to make it more living so we concluded that we want to "audit life"  . To support this there was another fact that "Audit" and "Books" are two most significant parts of our lives. One is our profession whereas other is our passion. Both these things complement each other as well, so we decided to name it "The book audit" (Hope you like it? ) 

                    Serious stuff about us | The Book Audit

#We are External Auditor by profession and unlike most we love our jobs. Also, we are studying along with our work for career growth which at times is hectic but we are sure we will cherish it later.

#We did our graduation from University of Delhi and there we learned the rules of life, our university life had every thrill that shaped us into who we are today. We are going to share all those thrills and learning through this website.

       Other Stuff (important things about us) | The Book Audit

#We like taking seat in last compartment of metro rail. We are wanderers.

# We like watching Animated movies and trailers of main cinema.

#We can spend hours walking and talking in a Gardens of New Delhi.(Not for health reason obviously) 

#We love eating out yet we consider ourselves health conscious (hehe...).

#We don't  like meme's, we like PJs

#We are trying to learn guitar along with hundred other things we are trying to do.We welcome you to join us in our journey to explore this world.

 Please follow us if that sounds remotely appealing.

                           Get in Touch | The Book Audit

 #Twitter - We don't use this, isn't this for only famous people to fight over petty things? We are hoping to be there soon.

 #Instagram- Instagram was our first step in this world of expression so do connect with us there, we reply to each and every message there. Let's be insta friends first. 

   Instagram account: @Booksaudit

#Email - Aha, the best way of communication isn't it? Or we have missed the bus taken by new generation btw we read 100% of emails and reply to 90%

  Email Id : @thebookaudit25@gmail.com

                         Our Tech man | The Book Audit

Not everyone helps you without any personal motive but we know one such person who introduced us to bloggers (our server) and helped us setup our first website. This website is our brainchild and Vishal is the doctor who help us deliver our brain child (content) to this world wide web. We are extremely grateful to him.

By way of introduction, Vishal is doing his BCA from ""Inmantec"  and learning python, web development, graphic designing, and what not. this website was his first real experience with webs development. He taught us few things and he learned few things from us and in this process we are growing together.

Now you know us more than acquittance around us .


The Book Audit

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